Going Green in the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry doesn’t get much coverage in the news when it comes to going green, but the reality is that the industry has been adopting sustainable practices for years. Several different factors are contributing to the shift towards green manufacturing.

Some manufacturers are motivated by environmentalism, but many more are choosing to go green because it can help their bottom line. Green manufacturing processes can make a product much more appealing to environmentally-conscious consumers. It can also save money, since recycling and reducing energy use can cut down on a factory’s expenses. Almost every business owner is easy to go green when it has the potential to save them money, so they have found a lot of different ways to do it.

Recycling Machines

Mechanization is at the core of most modern manufacturing. Most machines can last a long time with proper maintenance, but they can’t last forever. They eventually need to be replaced, and that replacement offers a chance for manufacturers to save money and help the environment at the same time.

Rebuilt machines offer an alternative to entirely new models. Devices such as rebuilt air compressors offer performance that is on par with new machines, but they can reuse older parts. Recycling a component means saving the energy and materials that would have been used to fabricate a new one, and in the long run that can be a big help for the environment.

Green Energy

When most people think about going green, they think in terms of renewable energy. Conventional energy generation is a major polluter, so choosing green energy can help the environment. It can also save money in many environments, which makes it all the more appealing to business owners.

Factories that use a lot of energy often install solar panels on and around their building to reduce their energy bill to a manageable level. Some factories manage to meet all of their energy needs through solar panels, but most of them still draw some power from the grid. Harvesting even a small portion of a factory’s energy from the sun can save a lot of fossil fuels over the long term, so a small set of solar panels can be much better for the environment than it might seem at first glance.

Factories that can’t generate green energy due to their location can still cut down on their energy use. While manufacturing equipment often consumes a great deal of electricity, many factories use just as much for climate control. Green building techniques can reduce that part of the energy bill. Something as simple as installing energy-efficient windows can cut down on heating and cooling costs by 10%, and passive solar systems can sometimes eliminate the cost entirely. New facilities are much more likely to take advantage of these techniques than old ones because it’s easier to build a factory with them in mind than to refit an old building, but older buildings can benefit from some of them.

Efficient Innovation

Manufacturing often involves some waste, but modern processes are allowing manufacturers to reduce it. 3D printing is among the most notable of these processes. Older processes relied on cutting and grinding materials to get the right shape, which wasted some scraps. 3D printing replaces the cutting with a building process that wastes nothing. The technology is still new, so it can’t handle everything yet, but it’s likely to improve over time. Given that it allows manufacturers to reduce their material costs, it’s sure to get adopted by anyone who can use it.

Green is Good

Plenty of manufacturers care about the environment, but simple self-interest is enough to make the rest want to go green. Even an act that seems small, like choosing rebuilt air compressors instead of new ones, can contribute to the defense of nature. All of those little acts add up, so those small changes are enough to ensure that the manufacturing industry does its part for the world.

Damsel in Defense Starter Kit You Need to Know

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Starter kit

If you are asking what starter kit you will get once you buy and agree to join the team, you can get many things and even it is more than enough with the amount of money around $150. It is cheap because you will get many things for your own protection and demo.

What you will get from the damsel in defense starter kit is completed like you will get 1 road trip emergency auto tool. It is for you to ensure that you’re traveling plan will be safe as you predicted before. It is important to prepare the security when you are going to travel.

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The next kit is also Holler Hers as your personal alarm with high volume to wake you up whenever you sleep. It also has 6 striking tools and some catalogues. That’s all the starter kit you will get from Damsel in Defense once you registered and joined.

The Comparisons Of OneCoin Vs Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency becomes very popular at this time. At the current time, the leader of cryptocurrency market is BitCoin. The market capitalization of Bitcoin is €8.0 bln. Bitcoin has presented on the market for more than seven years. OneCoin is considered as the major competitor of Bitcoin. OneCoin has achieved the market capitalization from €0 to €2.5 bln during one year. At the present, the capitalization is near €6 bln. Do you want to know more about OneCoin vs bitcoin? You will get the answer by reading this article. I will share the comparison of these cryptocurrencies. There is a big possibility that OneCoin can beat Bitcoin during 2016. By beating Bitcoin, OneCoin will become the new leader in cryptocurrency market. It will be very great achievement. What is the fault of Bitcoin? What are the strengths of OneCoin? These are the explanations.

Before explaining the detailed comparison OneCoin vs bitcoin, you need to know that Bitcoin is the pioneer of cryptocurrency’s market. It developed the market from many trials and errors handling the role of newcomer. The role was rough so it can cause several mistakes. OneCoin creators analyzed the Bitcoin development around five years. They consider the problems and difficulties faced by Bitcoin. Their experiences helped to prohibit the possibility of mistakes and start the new base.

Bitcoin has done very important idea. It has made a new payment model. It has created a process that cannot be ended. The creators of OneCoin also have big ambition to make new payment system so everything can be legal, transparent, open, and predictable.

Regarding the coin price of OneCoin vs bitcoin, OneCoin has better outcome. The coin price at OneCoin can grow constantly. There is big possibility of its further growth for 2016-2017. The member can achieve great profits. The coin price at Bitcoin is fairly stable, so the member will get small profit.

In the term of pool of coins, Bitcoin has small pool of coins. Totally, it only mines 21 mln coins. OneCoin has huge pool of coins. Totally, OneCoin can mine 2.1 bln coins. It is 100 times more than the coins of Bitcoin. Concerning this case, OneCoin has very great potential to be the widest-spread and biggest player on cryptocurrency market. On 1 October 2016, OneCoin will start a new and more powerful blockchain so the coins generation limit will increase up to 120 bln or around 5700 times more than the coins of Bitcoin.

Concerning the protection coins of OneCoin vs bitcoin, OneCoin has better protection.  The loss of coins at OneCoin is impossible: OneCoin circulation is organized in close system. There is none from the outside who can get in the way. The OneCoin system has support team that will help rapidly when there is problem with transaction. On the other hand, there is possibility of loss of coins at Bitcoin. The Bitcoin system is entirely open. It is not controlled. If the user does not use protection tools, the coin can be easily stolen. Some of the coin losses are caused by the destruction of the hard drives.   You can check this onecoin review by Josh Paiva

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a House

Every buyer should keep 5 critical things in mind when they set about buying a house. They range from the more general to the practical. We will begin with the general.

  1. You Can’t Take it Back if You Change Your Mind

This sounds obvious, but the current homeowner does not have a return policy, so keep that in the forefront of your mind. Buy the house you want to live in. Write down your list of what you must have, must not have, want to have, and the things you can do without. Compare each house you see to your list.

  1. You Are Also Buying the Neighborhood

The second most common reason for a house going up for sale is because the present owner made a mistake. They do not like the neighborhood, the school district, the traffic noise, or there is some other major problem they did not think about, because they loved the house itself. Make sure the neighborhood will be right for you and your lifestyle.

  1. Check the City’s Development Plans

Are there plans for any sort major new development beginning in the near future? If so, will it enhance the neighborhood? Will you be happy for your family to live there during the construction period? If you know about these possibilities, you can make the right decisions.

  1. Choose the Professionals Well

You will probably work with a Realtor, a home inspector, a mortgage lender, and a title company or law firm. Different professionals have different areas of expertise, and they have different levels of competence. Most buyers work with the first Realtor they contact, so it is worth learning about their track record and experience. You will probably take out a mortgage, so work with a lender that is right for you, not just one who advertises a low interest rate. Choose a home inspector who will go into real detail.

  1. Know the Home’s History

Every home has a history. If it is new construction does the company have a good reputation, or are they known to use lower quality materials and inexperienced workers? If the house is pre-owned, what repairs have been done? Has it had plumbing or roof leaks, has the HVAC system been well maintained? Does it look as though it may need a garage door repair? Garage doors fail at the worst time, so have your inspector check the springs and the cables, and have him test the opener.

5 Things You Can Do To Prevent a House Fire

According to the National Fire Prevention Association, an average of eight people are killed every day due to house fires. Preventing a house fire is easy, and just five simple things can help minimize risk.

Pay Attention While Cooking

The NFPA reports that forty percent of home fires start in the kitchen. Most of these are caused by unattended food, though dirty cooking surfaces are another major cause. The best way to keep from starting a kitchen fire is to make sure that cooking surfaces–ovens, stovetops, and microwaves–are clean and attended at all times.

Heating and Electrical Maintenance

Fire debris analysis has shown that most fires in household heaters are caused by failure to clean, though portable heaters and wood stoves are also a major cause. Electrical fires are caused primarily by faulty wiring. Electrical appliances are also a contributing factor to electrical fires. It is best to do yearly check-ups on electrical and heating systems. Additionally, objects such as mattresses and clothing should never be left close to a space heater or wood stove, and electrical appliances should not be plugged in to questionable wall outlets.

Don’t Smoke Indoors

There are an average of 580 reported smoking-related fire deaths per year according to the NFPA. Most of these occur in the bedroom, with the living room as a close runner-up. Smoking should not be done in a place where one can easily fall asleep, thus dropping the cigarette and igniting clothes or furniture.

Watch Out For Candles

Candles may be useful for their scents, but they are still a fire hazard. There are an average of 29 fires started by candle reported daily, and most of these are started because of objects too close to the flame. Always be sure to keep candles away from flammable objects, and never leave them unattended.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are the best line of defense in the fight to prevent a house fire. These devices should have their batteries changed yearly in order to ensure that they stay in perfect operating condition. Timing this with an event such as a birthday or holiday should help make sure that the time to switch out batteries is not forgotten. Also, smoke detectors should never be removed or deactivated. The loud noise of a properly working smoke detector can alert you to a fire that is just beginning, or save lives in the event of a fire that has already started.

Home fire prevention is a subject to take seriously, and simple steps can ensure that risks are minimized. As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure–especially when the consequences can be life and death.

The Best Longboard Brands

The market is filled so many best longboard brands today. Practically every type of longboard skateboard made by all manufacturing outfits in different countries of the globe exhibit the same material, technology and precision, that it’s just a matter of personal choice which among the best longboard brands a rider would choose.

Best Longboard Brands

Gold Coast designed the Longtail Pintail 44 for cruising in the city. If you’re new in the longboard sport, then this is the board for you. With a length of 44 inches and a width of 10, it actually looks like a classic surfboard, sleek and smooth, constructed out of a 7-ply maple deck material that makes it highly responsive and could attain high cruising speeds, simply the best longboard brands.

The second category, the Loaded Longboards consist of the Loaded Tesseract, Loaded Tan Tien, and the Loaded Dervish Sama Flex 2.

The third group of best longboard brands are the Santa Cruz Longboards of which may be found the Santa Cruz Squire Drop Thru Longboard, the Santa Cruz Rob Roskopp, and the Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Longboard.

The differences are partly in the design and graphics. Of course there are popular brands, both acknowledged by the beginner and the experienced longboard skateboard user. But for purposes of familiarizing ourselves, let’s try to enumerate some of these best longboard brands.

At Amazon the best longboard brands are currently for sale under four major categories which are: Gold Coast Longboards, Loaded Longboards, Santa Cruz Longboards, and Landyatchz Longboards.

Under the Gold Coast Longboards are found three attractive products, namely: the Gold Coast Classic Bamboo Floater & Agave 44” Longboard Deck, the Gold Coast Salvo Longboard, and Gold Coast Standard Longboard.

If you’re a beginner, you can try the Pintail. The Gold Coast Classic Bamboo Floater & Agave 44” Longboard Deck is also known as the Longtail Pintail. The pintail is generally recommended for beginners as part of the best longboard brands category

Lastly, two major products are found under Landyatchz Longboards. These are Landyatchz Tomahawk and Landyatchz Drop Speed Longboard.

Then there’s an Atom Pintail Longboard being sold at Amazon with free shipping. It has a great graphic design underneath, with a classic “surfboard” or pintail shape, an awesome 4-wheel board for great cruising.

The 40-inch Quest 2012 Classic Longboard Skateboard is a relatively cheap pintail-shaped longboard manufactured out of hardwood Maple deck material. The longboard is affordable and is suitable for newcomers to the longboard riding industry.

The Rimable Pintail Longboard presents a popular dimension size of 41” x 9.5”. It is one of the best longboard brands. With a 9-ply full Maple laminated deck, you can cruise at high speeds in drop through 7-inch 180 aluminum Truck with 70 x 61mm PU wheels and an ABEC-9 with high speed lubricant.

The Quest Tribes Pin Kick Tail Longboard Skateboard has been described by users as “a good board,” but with a little bit-off center balance, yet one that doesn’t affect the smooth riding of the beginner. With a flexible deck, carving on the road is nice. And for a slight slide, the wheels have a strong grip. It has a nice graphics with simple colors

Check out the best longboard brands at Amazon.

Cold Storage for Fruits: 20 Do’s and Don’ts

Knowing how to safely extend the shelf life of fruit is something that not only helps save money but also guarantees a reduction or even elimination of health concerns stemming from their viability. That’s why having a plan in place when it comes to cold storage construction for fruits is an absolute necessity for both consumers and businesses. Listed below are 20 do’s and don’ts to remember:

  • DO: Separate fruits from vegetables when storing them. That’s because fruits release ethylene, something that will ripen vegetable much more quickly than necessary.

  • DON’T: Neglect the fact that some fruits should be kept separate from each other, including apples or oranges with bananas.

  • DO: Make sure that the humidity level is very high when it comes to cold storage for fruits. Usually, 95 percent humidity is ideal for many fruits.

  • DON’T: Forget to check for clear indications of problems with the fruit, such as discoloration or softening.

  • DO: Make sure that the fruit being stored is maintained in the proper temperature. Some fruits need to be at or near freezing, while others can withstand slightly warmer conditions.

  • DON’T: Ignore the difference between the different types of storage: moist or dry at either cold or cool for the former and cold or warm for the latter.

  • DO: Remember that certain fruits can suffer freezing or chilling injuries if the storage temperature is too low.

  • DON’T: Forget to periodically clean the storage area or room. That prevents potential problems like bacteria development from happening.

  • DO: Try and have a generator system in place in the event of a power failure. Otherwise, all of the fruit inside will be ruined.

  • DON’T: Ignore the fact that while melons don’t necessarily need to be refrigerated, placing them in cold storage delays the ripening process.

  • DO: Make sure that fruit is tightly wrapped. If that’s ignored, the chance of freezer burn affecting increases considerably.

  • DON’T: Pass up the opportunity to eliminate bacteria from berries by washing them in a vinegar and water solution. Before returning them to cold storage, wash them in water to remove any vinegar-based residue and then softly dry them.

  • DO: Make sure to leave approximate 1.5 feet from both the front and back walls in order to avoid portions of the fruit not getting the right amount of air.

  • DON’T: Try and squeeze as much food as you can in a cold storage unit or the lack of air circulation again becomes an issue.

  • DO: Make an effort to keep the fruit in the crates in which they were originally store. That prevents handling issues and other issues that might damage the fruit.

  • DON’T: Ignore the fact that certain fruits have a much shorter shelf life. For example, many berries should only be stored for days, while items like apples and pears can last for months.

  • DO: Ignore the fact that certain fruits have a much shorter shelf life. For example, many berries should only be stored for days, while items like apples and pears can last for months.

  • DON’T: Make the mistake of spraying fruits too much in order to keep them hydrated. That expedites the development of mold.

  • DO: Instill in all those using any type of a cold storage unit the importance of following these rules.

  • DON’T: Avoid making sure that a constant temperature is being maintained. Detecting any sudden change can help save money

Cold storage construction for fruits doesn’t have to be a complicated endeavor when using these tips.

Places To Visit In Chicago

Vacations and outings are a great things for families to do together. However, not everything is family and kid friendly. Therefore, we have compiled this list of family fun things for you to do in Chicago to help you get an idea of what it is that you might want to do.

Wrigley Field

One place that is loved by all ages is Wrigley Field. You can catch a baseball game with your family and maybe catch a home run ball at the same time. The atmosphere at this baseball field is amazing. Even people who have never liked baseball will find themselves cheering and screaming along. This is where fans are made!

Lincoln Park Zoo

This park is open everyday of the year, allowing you to visit no matter what time of year you come to Chicago. Lincoln Park Zoo is free for all ages and there is bound to be something for everyone, from riding the train to seeing the different habits. The zoo is like a little piece of the forest with Chicago’s Willis Tower looming in the background.

Willis Tower

After 9/11 and the fall of the Twin Towers, Willis Tower is now the tallest building in the United States. This will be a memorable experience for the whole family. The sky deck is made of glass and it will leave you breathless as you step out onto it and take a look around.

360 Chicago

Another great tower to visit is the Hancock Building, which is now called 360 Chicago. This is also one of the tallest. This one is closer to the water so some people say the view is even better than Willis Tower because you are 1,000 feet about Lake Michigan. New for 2015 is Tilt, a cafe on the 94th floor. This whole building is a must see adventure.

These are just a few things to few you started. The city is full of culture and experience. You can visit museum row, where everyone in your family is bound to find something that reach’s their artistic side. Chicago has a ton of malls and shops that could take up your whole day. In addition to the shops there are restaurants galore, with Chicago style pizza and hot dogs for easy stops. Or if you are looking for a high class meal, some of the worlds best chefs are set up here as well. No matter what your style is your family will have fun in Chicago.

Top Trends in Wireless for 2015

If you own a computer or mobile device, which most of us do, wireless will fall under necessity, not luxury. It’s just the way it is. You might be wondering what are some of the latest trends for this year. Below are the top 3 trends that have come out. If you want to stay informed, please continue reading.

1) Video streaming online is gaining unprecedented momentum. According to some of the latest reports, almost half of video traffic feeds will be uploaded for viewing online. Even if you are on the move and watching your mobile device, you can view these feeds at any time. Over 38% of people have said they view video footage online at least once a week. This is a huge increase, when compared to the stats of 2006. According to inside sources, it’s only going to get bigger.

2) As of this year, video traffic data has also increased. The increase comes in at a whopping 26 times. Let’s us an example to illustrate what this means. If every person in this world would send 1,000 text messages per second, the stats would be the same as the data traffic video feeds. It’s not just that more people are streaming video feeds, like news, online. It’s that the vide feeds are also rising. What other forms are coming with the date feeds? This includes movies, television shows and calls made from video.

When it comes to the news, stats are showing that about 27% more of them are coming from a mobile device or netbook. Now that is impressive!

3) The access speeds are also rising. Due to the alarming increase in mobile connections, the speeds have increased 2 times. This number came from 2009-2010. This year the number is expected to go up to ten times the amount. This means faster connections and higher speeds made readily available.

As of this year, the average megabytes are expected to go as high as 1.118. Let’s compare this to music files which are downloaded. This is equal to 260 files.

It doesn’t matter what you are using the resources for, it’s on the rise. These trends are showing more proof that the old ways are a thing of the past. The only ways we used to communicate are becoming almost non-existent. Whether you agree with this or not, you can’t argue with the stats. Going wireless is now the thing to do.

Advantages of Fiber-Optic Cables

Advantages of Fiber-Optic Cables

Consider shining a flashlight beam down long corridor that has several twists and turns. Because light can only travel in a straight line the light is not able to reach the end of the hallway. However, if mirrors are placed in each corner of the corridor the light will bounce off the mirrors and continue down the hall. This is analogous as to how light travels through fiber-optic cable.

The light traveling inside a fiber-optic cable moves along its core, or down the “corridor,” by continually being bounced off the reflective cladding on the inside of the cable shielding, a phenomenon referred to as internal refraction. Because the cladding acts as a mirror, and doesn’t absorb light, the light is able to travel for great distances.

Due to the way fiber-optic cables transmit data, with light and without the use of electrical current, the benefits and advantages of fiber-optic cables are creating a revolution in the communication industry. Fiber optics are increasingly being adopted in various sectors, most notably computer and telecommunications networks and Fiber Internet providers.

Advantages of fiber-optic cables include:

  • Less expensive construction. Several miles of fiber-optic cable can be manufactured for roughly half of the equivalent length of traditional copper cable. This saves the service provider money which they can pass on to the consumer.
  • Having a narrower diameter, allowing the wires to be drawn through smaller holes than copper cables.
  • Having a higher carrying capacity than copper, allowing more fibers to be bundled into a single cable. This permits more service lines to be routed through the same cable.
  • Presents with less signal degradation than copper cabling. Unlike the electrical signals used in copper cables, the light transmission from one fiber never interfere with signals from other fibers in the same line, resulting in clearer signal reception.
  • Less power consumption. Because of the lower signal degradation of optical fibers less-powerful transmitters are needed, lowering costs to the provider and you.
  • No risk of fire, as no electricity passes through fiber optics there is nothing to cause ignition.
  • Being ideally suited for carrying digital signals, which are perfectly suited for use in computer networks.
  • Having a high flexibility, allowing signals to be transmitted and received around objects. This makes fiber-optic cables perfect for use in cameras and scopes for medical-imaging devices like laparoscopes, endoscopes and bronchoscopes as well as mechanical-imaging devices such as cameras used in construction and inspection operations.